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cje ›› 1997, Vol. ›› Issue (4): 68-69,51.

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Studies of the Conditions about Seperating and Culturing of the Anaerobion in Rabbits Instestines

Niu Zhongxiang, Zhu Ruiliang, Zhang Shaoxue, Chang Weishan, Tang Kexin, Xu Haihua, Chai Jiaqian   

  1. Animal Scientific Institute, Shandong Agricultural University, Taian 271018
  • Received:1995-06-01 Revised:1997-04-17 Online:1997-08-10

Abstract: By means of anaerobic jar and biological anaerobic incubation, the best favourable cultural conditions for the anaerobion in rabbits instestines were studied. The results showed that the anaerobic growed best in the anaerobic jar full with 60% N2,20% CO2,20% H2 in temperature of 38℃.The results of biological anaerobic incubation were similar to that in anaerobic jar,but the latter is more simple than the former.

Key words: Contingent Valuation Method, temporal stability, time interval, willingness to pay, urban river.