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Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology ›› 2004, Vol. ›› Issue (1): 127-130.

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Effect of acid rain,copper,and atrazine on soil hydrolase activity

LIU Guangshen, XU Dongmei, LI Kebin, LIU Weiping   

  1. Environmental Science Institute, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310029, China
  • Received:2002-04-04 Revised:2002-06-01 Online:2004-01-15

Abstract: The effects of acid rain, Cu2+ and atrazine on the activities of soil urease, invertase and acid phosphatase were studied by means of orthogonal test. The results showed that the inhibition rate was H+>Cu2+, and atrazine had no significant influence on urease and intertase. Interaction analysis revealed that Cu ? atrazine exhibited synergism on soil acid phosphatase activity, Cu譎 had antagonism on soil invertase and urease, but atrazine ? H had no interaction within the investigated concentration range. Among the three enzymes, soil acid phosphatase was the most sensitive one to the contaminations.

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