Ӧ����̬ѧ�� 2005, 16(04) 595-599  DOI:      ISSN: 1001-9332 CN: 21-1253/Q

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Effects of artificial seabuckthorn forest on soil and water conservation in loess hilly region

CHEN Yunming,LIU Guobin,XU Bingcheng

Institute of Soil and Water Conservation,Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forest,Yangling 712100��China


Seabuckthorn is regarded as a main eco-economical tree species,and plays an increasing important role in eco��environmental construction in Northwest, Northeast and North China.Our study on artificial seabuckthorn forest in loess hilly region showed that the average rainfall interception rate of 7��10 ages seabuckthorn canopy was 8.5%,and the litter layer of 5��10 ages seabuckthorn forest could intercept 0.89 mm rainfall.Seabuckthorn forest could improve soil infiltration and anti-strike ability through improving soil physical and chemical properties,and the numbers of its hair roots and the depth of its litter layer were the main indices of soil anti-strike ability.The effects of seabuckthorn forest on soil and water conservation increased with its increasing age.In 2��3 ages stage,the effects were weak,and the runoff and sediment were mainly affected by the characters of rainfall.In 4��5 ages stage when the forest became maturing,the annual runoff depth and annual erosion modulus were 1.8��3.2 mm and 24.64 t��km-2,respectively.In 6��12 ages stage when the forest matured,the runoff and sediment on seabuckthorn woodland changed slowly,the annual runoff depth and annual erosion modulus being 0.3��3.4 mm and 0��6.75 t��km-2,respectively, and the characters of rainfall had much less effect on them.In the stage from young (2��5 ages) to mature forest,the sediment charge in runoff changed sharply,ranged from 77.31 kg��m-3 to 9.12 kg��m-3,but in 6��12 ages stage, the sediment content in runoff changed very slowly,and the range was 0��5.09 kg��m-3.

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