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Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology ›› 1996, Vol. 7 ›› Issue (s1): 1-5.

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Simulation of individual tree growth of Mongolian pine forest in sandy land

Jiang Fengqi, Zeng Dehui, Fan Zhiping, Zhu Jiaojun   

  1. Institute of Applied Ecology, Academia Sinica, Shenyang 110015
  • Received:1995-12-26 Revised:1996-05-25 Online:1996-12-25 Published:1996-12-25

Abstract: The Mongolian pine(Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica) is broadly introduced to sandy lands in north China,because of its good ecological adaptation. The Champan-Richards growth model is used to simulate the growth of diameter at breast height (DBH), height and volume of single tree in Honghuaerji and Zhanggutai regions. The results indicate that the quantitative maturity age of natural Mongolian pine forest in Honghuaerji is 100 years old and that of plantation in Zhanggutai is 46 years old, and that the fast-growing period is longer in Honghuaerji than in Zhanggutai.

Key words: Mongolian pine, Sandy land, Growth, Simulation, Champan-Richards growth model, coastal wetlands, facultative methanogens, disproportionation of C1 methy-lated compounds, non-competitive substrates, sulfate