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Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology ›› 1996, Vol. 7 ›› Issue (s1): 6-10.

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Translation of short and long shoots after burning and its effect on survival of Larix gmelinii

Shan Jianping   

  1. Institute of Applied Ecology, Academia Sinica, Shenyang 110015
  • Received:1995-01-26 Revised:1995-04-11 Online:1996-12-25 Published:1996-12-25

Abstract: Studies on the characteristics of short and long shoots of Larix gmelinii and the effect of burning on them show that short shoot grows rapidly in early spring, and the growth of long shoot plays a key role in constructing the structure of branches and crown of Larix gmelinii. A long shoot can produce 10.5 short ones in the next year. Medium fire can give a serious injury on the branches and crown of Larix gmelinii. After burning, 37% short shoot buds on the first class swig are turned into long shoots, which accelerates the branches and crown structure. In the 3rd year after burning, the total number of short shoots is 98.46% of that before burning.

Key words: Fire, Short and long shoot, Larix gmelinii, Karst basin, land use, Lijiang River basin, ecological risk